Restaurant You! Pasta - Madrid

Recently I had the pleasure of trying the cuisine of the Italian restaurant ¡Tu! Pasta in Madrid.

This place, recently opened, as well as a restaurant, sells Italian products for cooking at home, so it's been a restaurant-shop.

The place is small, It has a terrace and as soon as you enter you know that you are going to find something good. It is a good sign to see the showcases where they offer products brought from Italy and the counter with the cheeses and hams that you can buy to take away.

The gastronomy is authentically Italian, with influence of the Sardinian region and an occasional brushstroke of fresh Spanish products (meats, for example).

Prices are consistent with the quality of your dishes so you will not regret at any time to sit down to eat in this place.

restaurant your pasta madrid

What to eat in the restaurant! Your! Pasta

My main recommendation is that you try some of the fresh artisan pastas that they make themselves, as they are their specialty.

The ravioli stuffed with scamorza cheese and dried tomatoes , bathed with cherry tomato sauce are incredible.

Same happens with the ravioli stuffed with truffles and ricotta ​​em>, are to die for pleasure.

If you prefer a dry pasta, try the carbonara , make it in the traditional way, without cream, and without ingredients foreign to the original recipe.

Then there's the fregola al frutti di mare which is a specialty of the cuisine of Sardinia: a very small pasta, which looks like rice, with seafood.

 Italian food your pasta madrid

They also have risottos, lasagna, various meats and, in the antipasti section, you should ask for the pasta first, I recommend Caponata Siciliana , made with berenjen as fries, tomatoes, celery, green olives and capers.

And for dessert? Tiramisu!


The restaurant ¡Tu! Pasta is located in the street Menéndez Pelayo 27 , a few meters from the metro station of Ibiza (Line 9).

Website: http://www.tu

restaurant your pasta